Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Last month (April) in Red Hat Eclipse

This is post is heavily inspired by Last month (April) in Red Hat KDE . Great idea which I dare to copy almost entirely ;)

So here is the Red Hat Eclipse one (limited to projects work):


  • add build support for GTK/Linux/PPC64LE launchers (commits 1, 2)
  • remove build support for motif launchers (commit)
  • simplified launchers maven build (commit)


  • add build support for GTK/Linux/PPC64LE fragment (commits 1, 2)
  • fix FontDialog crash with GTK 3.10 (commit)
  • fix PrintDialog crash with GTK 3.10 (commits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • fix Combo inheriting font from parent (commit)
  • fix Widget.setFont using wrong widget handle (commit)
  • fix Button background problems in jface forms (commit)
  • fix List height calculation  (commit)
  • further progress on Webkit2 support
    • solved deadlock issue by decoupling the synchronicity by executing the JavaScript asynchronously
    • added support for creating unique dbus addresses for each instance of the extension
    • created a function to find resources (mimicking the library loading search in SWT) to load the webkit extension
    • fixed a crash in the WebKit2 port when visiting (frames without document object)
    • back ported API for passing information to WebKit extensions during initialization
    • found a workaround for the missing GDBusNodeInfo struct definition in older glib versions


  • support remote Autotools projects (commit)
  • fix Autotools projects to support user defined make (commit
  • GDBStandaloneDebugger have seen final touches to make it a proper product. Details.

Linux Tools

  • API/Javadoc cleanup in preparaton for 3.0 release (many commits)
  • Libhover ported to not use swing.html for parsing (commit)
  • Libhover supports gtk-doc 1.20 generated docs (commit)
  • GCov opens full featured editor from CDT instead of its own(commits 1,2)
  • SystemTap plugin have seen polishing changes to get smoother experience (commits)
Brought to you by: Jeff Johnston, Roland Grunberg, Sami Wagiaalla, Andrew Ferrazzutti and Alexander Kurtakov.

You can find us on #eclipse-linux and #fedora-java channels on Freenode IRC.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Thanks for posting.

I have recently switched to Fedora 20 KDE spin.

I have two major problems with Eclipse on Fedora. They are 100% reproducible and widely popular.



Alexander Kurtakov said...

Hi Sudhir,
* oxygen-gtk doesn't crash anymore since latest upstream oxygen-gtk release I've been told
* regarding ADT bundle - is ADT installed in Eclipse from Fedora rpm? These rpms are kept uptodate, compiled against Fedora libraries with additional stabilizing patches applied. If it's the googletalk plugin crash it is not crashing for me since latest update of it. But please make sure that you don't have plugin installed as it also causes crashes.

Both things you listed are problems in underlying libraries and we are trying hard to mitigate the risks but it's really hard when something beneath you misbehaves.

Mike Milinkovich said...

This is a great idea! Please keep it up.

And thanks for all of the support! It is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying Alexander.

1. I am running the current stable release of the oxygen-gtk on Fedora 20. And it does crash predictably. The last patch was 3 months ago. I will have to try the git version and see if it still crashes.

2. The second crash possibly due to Google Talk doesn't seem to affect anymore. I have removed the -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.DefaultType=mozilla line and I will report back if it still crashes.