Friday, April 20, 2012

Eclipse and gtk-doc

If you are a Linux developer you already are aware of the beauty that some devel packages provide - their gtk-doc generated documentation. Or maybe you have been using it's online variant (e.g. cairo manual). Or you might have used Devhelp to search and read the documentation coming from your locally installed devel packages.
Now if you are using Eclipse for your development the very same documentation is integrated into Eclipse Help Center together with all the other documentations available there, you can read it there. 
Or you might want to have it opened side-by-side while coding.
Pick your style and enjoy! Hopefully this brings the documentation closer to more developers. We all know how hard it is for everyone to read documentation so the easier to read it the better for everyone :).
It is already available from Linux Tools nightly update site and will be part of our 1.0 release in June.

P.S. This was written by Jeff Johnston almost entirely, I just had the privilege to do the final touches and announce it.