Thursday, October 25, 2012

SWT on GTK 3 can be shown !!!

If we keep the pace I might get used to blogging more often.
A picture is worth a thousand words so here it is:
Not much to see but it's the first ever screenshot of SWT on GTK3. Not much more can be done for now and the label was supposed to be centered (source) but still we are finally at the stage where we can start showing things.
Big thanks goes to Silenio who bite the bullet to disable/workaround things so we can start running the code instead of targetting perfection with the compiler.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SWT on GTK 3 status 2012-10-23

That was amazing week - 29 compile errors were fixed! On the other side my metric is broken - I have been counting only errors in os.c while there are a bunch of others hiding in os_structs.c too. Anyway, at least for what we were counting there are 31 more errors left and they are a prerequisite for even trying to build os_structs so we continue working on them.
So what was fixed last week:
* 2 gdk_colormap_* functions are dynamic now as they are removed in Gtk 3
* 3 drawable/pixmap functions are no longer used in Gtk 3 codepaths
* 14 errors - GdkRegion/cairo_region swap landed in
* 9 gtk_style_get_*_gc  are ignored - used only in the unfinished Theme api
* gtk_widget_size_request - time will tell whether this was the correct call.

Additionally a number of other fixes for the structs landed too but I do not keep track of numbers there as I compile them in my blind_convert branch so the numbers are flawed by the dummy fixes done for unfinished things in os.c.
And now the good news - one can successfully compile my branch in question and try to run an empty shell example - nothing will show but it would not crash either, which was the state for long time preventing me from making this branch public. Don't count to much on this branch  - it's known to be broken and serves only as a test bed before things go into master.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SWT on GTK 3 status 2012-10-16

Another week - 15 down!  60 more problems expect us before trying to run on top of GTK 3.
The problems fixed this week are:
* 5 gtk-paint* functions  replaced by the new gtk-render* functions
* GdkDragContext, GtkSelectionData and GtkTargetPair structs are no longer used directly but via accessor methods
* GdkGCValues, GdkImage and GdkVisual structs sizeof is no longer needed
* gtk_cell_renderer_get_size replaced by gtk_cell_renderer_get_preferred_size

Let's see what will next week bring us!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SWT on GTK 3 status 2012-10-09

SWT doesn't run on top of GTK 3 (latest and greatest ) but work is ongoing. Last week was a really productive one getting us to the state of less than a hundred compile errors (well, some are warnings actually). Not only that but we are down to 75 as of today. A number of others are pending reviews in bugzilla giving us hope that speed should not decrease.
Here is the list of all the GTK problems we have identified for now. Be fast and pick one (check the tracker bug first), open a bug and block the tracker so we know someone is working on the issue. There is still time to add your name to Thanks list. If you want to help out checkout swt from git and  when building natives instead of the plain `sh ./` do `GTK_VERSION=3.0 sh ./` the list of errors is what's still pending. Nothing else but code counts as help for now! There should be semi-regular updates on the state from now on.

Big thanks to SWT project members for making me a committer to speed up the work and to my teammate Anatoly Spektor for his hard work on the topic in the last months.