Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 5th Pillar of Fedora

Recent thread on fedora-devel provoked this blog post.

Fedora's "Freedom, Friends, Features, First" pillars seems to be missing the most important one FUN. (Courtesy of  Pierre-Yves aka pingou )

Hopefully noone would question that the most important thing for a volunteer based project is "to be fun for the contributors". And being fun for contributors means that no contributor can give orders nor to treat another contributor to remove his access or something like this. 
This is the way down. Everyone should do whatever is fun for him and if it's not fun for him/her and doesn't consider something as important he/she is not obligated to do. If someone else consider it's important please stand up and do it and stop thinking that others are slaves having to obey orders.

Most people I know started working on FOSS because of the FUN part. 

To speak personally I haven't started because I want to give someone something for free but because there are people we can share knowledge, work together and have fun doing it.

Every effort to give people orders is ruining the 1st PILLAR of FOSS - FUN.

Please everyone stop trying to do it!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ShellEd 2.0.1 is out

I forgot to announce the Linux Tools 0.9 release. Please check the New and Noteworthy for details. There a number of fixes and enhancements in the RPM related tools. As part of it we changed Manpage viewer plugin's bundle id and forced me to release new ShellEd.
Latest ShellEd is restoring compatibility with Manpage viewer and fixes an outline issue with DLTK 3.x. Also you can try the new update site.
Note that this release will not work with Linux Tools releases prior to 0.9.