Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Linuxtools 0.2 release and the new RPM specfile editor

Long time no post but Linux Tools 0.2 release really deserves it.
From all the wonderful tools I want to outline one of them - Specfile editor.

A number of new features appear in this release:

* User documentation - Finally we've got a user documentation to help new user get the most out of it.
* Structure compare - If you loved the way Eclipse Team/Compare allows you to view differences with latest from repository, local history and etc. for your source files - the feature is here for your .spec files.
* Even better rpmlint integration - Rpmlint warning/features are now in your Problem view so you don't miss them.

Now is the time to ease your .spec files editing and maintenance. Install and enjoy.
Install instructions and more details for the release here.