Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eclipse Fedorapackager 0.5.0 release

After a bit more than 2 years it was high time to do new release to adapt to current Fedora and Eclipse releases. Most of the changes in this release were towards cleaning and simplifying the codebase hoping for faster releases but there are some important feature changes like:
  • Fedorapackager requires Java 8 now.
  • Allow users to clone multiple projects at once.
  • Fix changelog parsing for Bodhi
  • Make use of /etc/rpkg/fedpkg.conf
  • Modified Fedora Packager Koji properties page
  • Reduce logging noise.
  • Enable rpmlint and rpm natures by default.
  • Tagging is no longer used with Git.
  • Shorter menu labels.
  • Fixed JsonNull error when pushing bodhi update
  • Eval NVRs when Bodhi updating
  • Eval the name to not fail on sclized packages.
  • Bodhi authenticate when pushing review fix.
  • Bodhi dialog cleanup.
  • Make perspective switch remember previous choice.
  • Let the console name has the package (srpm) name in it.
  • Remove expectation of the existance of an ssh key.
Updated packages are available in Rawhide and Fedora 21 updates-testing.