Friday, August 27, 2010

Eclipse Linuxt Tools 0.6.1

The Eclipse Linux Tools team is proud to announce our 0.6.1 release. It is available now from our update site:

Installation instructions are available. 34 bugs were closed as part of this release including bug fixes and new features. Highlights include:
  • eclipse-build is back updated to help people build Eclipse Helios SDK
  • LTTng received performance and visualization fixes
  • Autotools plugins is cleaned to use other plugins APIs more carefully
  • Valgrind is fixed to work with Birt from soon to be released Helios SR1
P.S. This is my first release so let me know if I have missed something.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fedora needs Java Packagers

Background: There are only a few active Java packagers in Fedora. And if one of them stops doing packaging we are in big problem.

Are you using/running Eclipse or Tomcat or OpenJDK or Netbeans or IntelliJ Idea or Dogtag PKI or 389 Directory Server or Jetty or even
Isn't that a huge list already? Should I continue listing the upstream projects that we(active Fedora Java packagers) are involved into or even leading the developement?
If you are Fedora project needs you - NOW!!!
To help us keeping and developing these products.

There are 26 orphaned but critical Java packages:
  • classworlds - mbooth
  • dom4j - jwrdegoede
  • dtdparser
  • hsqldb
  • isorelax - mbooth
  • jlex - mbooth
  • jrefactory
  • jzlib - mbooth
  • lucene
  • ldapjdk
  • objectweb-anttask
  • plexus-ant-factory
  • plexus-appserver
  • plexus-bsh-factory
  • plexus-compiler
  • plexus-runtime-builder
  • plexus-xmlrpc
  • relaxngDatatype - mbooth
  • tomcat6 - dknox
  • ws-jaxme - jwrdegoede
  • xjavadoc
  • xmldb-api
  • xmlrpc
  • xom
  • xpp2
  • xpp3
These packages are directly or indirectly needed by Ant or Maven - the 2 major build systems for Java software.You should know that if you don't have both build systems even OpenJDK won't be able to build on Fedora because it uses Ant but Ant dependencies are building using Maven.
Now is the time to stand up and pay your duty to the community by taking a package or two. It may look a small step but every time someone takes a package and do the small work needed to maintain it (most packages will took you just a few hours monthly or even quarterly) I have the time to look at/fix one more bug.

Consider joining and helping even if you are not using Fedora packages but you are using Java software downloaded from upstream on Fedora system. You will save time to the upstream developers - they/we :) are here.

If you are already a Fedora packager just get them in pkgdb if you are not but you want to join please contact me.

We are waiting for you!

P.S. See Bill's mail with more details about the dependency tree here.