Friday, January 16, 2009

Artists help wanted :)

While triaging old Eclipse linux-distros bugs I found a bug which is not the thing we (developers) can do, at least we will not do it good.
So here it is "ChangeLog icon wanted".
We need an icon representing the meaning of a Change Log file to use to distinguish such file from the others in Eclipse.
If anyone interested please attach your icons to the bug.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two announcements I missed to do here

ShellEd 1.0.4

* Plugin requires Java 5 now
* Make use of the Java 5 language constructions and apis
* Remove deprecated usage whenever possible.
* Drop dead code.
* Convert Eclipse-AutoStart to Bundle-ActivationPolicy
* Drop dependency on Eclipse compatibility plugins.
* Variable names with underscores are highlighted correctly
* Fix for opening workbench external file

rpm-editor 0.4.1

* The plugin needs at least Java 5 now. The codebase has been update
to take the most out of the new apis.
* Group tag is validated to be correct from rpm GROUPS file.
* Added support for task tags.
* Macroses that match package name (e.g. %setup) are correctly
highlighted as macroses not as package.
* Add hyperlink for Source and Patch definitions.
* Show %patch autocomplete only in %prep section.
* Do not show simple sections in the subpackages.
* Simplify parsing code a little
* Clean ups all over the codebase.
* New quick fixes for the following rpmlint warnings:
- HardcodedPackagerTag
- HardcodedPrefixTag
- NoCleanSection
- NoInstallSection
- NoPrepSection