Monday, January 12, 2009

Two announcements I missed to do here

ShellEd 1.0.4

* Plugin requires Java 5 now
* Make use of the Java 5 language constructions and apis
* Remove deprecated usage whenever possible.
* Drop dead code.
* Convert Eclipse-AutoStart to Bundle-ActivationPolicy
* Drop dependency on Eclipse compatibility plugins.
* Variable names with underscores are highlighted correctly
* Fix for opening workbench external file

rpm-editor 0.4.1

* The plugin needs at least Java 5 now. The codebase has been update
to take the most out of the new apis.
* Group tag is validated to be correct from rpm GROUPS file.
* Added support for task tags.
* Macroses that match package name (e.g. %setup) are correctly
highlighted as macroses not as package.
* Add hyperlink for Source and Patch definitions.
* Show %patch autocomplete only in %prep section.
* Do not show simple sections in the subpackages.
* Simplify parsing code a little
* Clean ups all over the codebase.
* New quick fixes for the following rpmlint warnings:
- HardcodedPackagerTag
- HardcodedPrefixTag
- NoCleanSection
- NoInstallSection
- NoPrepSection

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