Monday, November 16, 2009

New Life for ShellEd - Milestone 0

It's a great pleasure to announce the first DLTK based version of ShellEd.
In addition to the porting work a number of new features have been added:
- task tags support
- launch script with ability to pass parameters
- code folding for functions
- open declaration for functions
- goto variable declaration

The plugin still needs stabilization but it is usable as is now (maybe even more than 1.0.4 release).

You can download Milestone 0 from here. Or if you are brave enough you can use the update site where snapshot builds are pushed.

Fedora package will be updated whenever I get some positive feedback.

Test, use, send patches, enjoy :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Packaging Java libraries using Maven build system

After the BIG fight for updating Maven in Fedora (yay we got version 2.0.8 in Rawhide, finally) a really nice idea came to me: enhance RPMStubby to work for Maven pom.xml files in addition to Eclipse feature.xml files.
It happen to be really easy. Try it out from Linux Tools nightly update site and don't forget to report bugs.

Quick HOW-TO:
  • Right click on your pom.xml file.
  • Select Stubby/Stubbify a RPM spec file.
  • Enjoy.
Note: Upstream developers using Maven build system please fill all the metadata supposed to be in the pom.xml file. You will help us by not having to open bug reports like this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Linuxtools 0.2 release and the new RPM specfile editor

Long time no post but Linux Tools 0.2 release really deserves it.
From all the wonderful tools I want to outline one of them - Specfile editor.

A number of new features appear in this release:

* User documentation - Finally we've got a user documentation to help new user get the most out of it.
* Structure compare - If you loved the way Eclipse Team/Compare allows you to view differences with latest from repository, local history and etc. for your source files - the feature is here for your .spec files.
* Even better rpmlint integration - Rpmlint warning/features are now in your Problem view so you don't miss them.

Now is the time to ease your .spec files editing and maintenance. Install and enjoy.
Install instructions and more details for the release here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Linuxtools 0.1 release

I'm so happy to see our first official release.
And I'm so proud with the functionality present in the RPM specfile editor. We get one of the best editors for spec files (or maybe the only one) with all the bells and whistles seen in other eclipse editors. At least we are trying so if something is missing for you please report it here. Users opinions are always welcome and motivating for us developers.
Hopefully most Fedora packagers will find this useful :).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another one bites the dust

On my quest to have all Eclipse plugins I use(some of them not often enough like the one we will be talking about) packaged in Fedora I want to announce the latest addition to the collection:
This should help you getting your code more stable and tested. Go and try it or read more on its home page.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Payback time (for cmakeed authors) :)

Cmakeed has entered rawhide today.
Authors (thanks Mike) are really responsive and made a number of changes (even when some of them were just to better match Fedora's policies) to make this happen easier. Now it is time for payback - fill bugs, requests for enhancements and etc. Preferably in sourceforge tracker when this is not a packaging bug.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Artists help wanted :)

While triaging old Eclipse linux-distros bugs I found a bug which is not the thing we (developers) can do, at least we will not do it good.
So here it is "ChangeLog icon wanted".
We need an icon representing the meaning of a Change Log file to use to distinguish such file from the others in Eclipse.
If anyone interested please attach your icons to the bug.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two announcements I missed to do here

ShellEd 1.0.4

* Plugin requires Java 5 now
* Make use of the Java 5 language constructions and apis
* Remove deprecated usage whenever possible.
* Drop dead code.
* Convert Eclipse-AutoStart to Bundle-ActivationPolicy
* Drop dependency on Eclipse compatibility plugins.
* Variable names with underscores are highlighted correctly
* Fix for opening workbench external file

rpm-editor 0.4.1

* The plugin needs at least Java 5 now. The codebase has been update
to take the most out of the new apis.
* Group tag is validated to be correct from rpm GROUPS file.
* Added support for task tags.
* Macroses that match package name (e.g. %setup) are correctly
highlighted as macroses not as package.
* Add hyperlink for Source and Patch definitions.
* Show %patch autocomplete only in %prep section.
* Do not show simple sections in the subpackages.
* Simplify parsing code a little
* Clean ups all over the codebase.
* New quick fixes for the following rpmlint warnings:
- HardcodedPackagerTag
- HardcodedPrefixTag
- NoCleanSection
- NoInstallSection
- NoPrepSection