Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Last month (April) in Red Hat Eclipse

This is post is heavily inspired by Last month (April) in Red Hat KDE . Great idea which I dare to copy almost entirely ;)

So here is the Red Hat Eclipse one (limited to projects work):


  • add build support for GTK/Linux/PPC64LE launchers (commits 1, 2)
  • remove build support for motif launchers (commit)
  • simplified launchers maven build (commit)


  • add build support for GTK/Linux/PPC64LE fragment (commits 1, 2)
  • fix FontDialog crash with GTK 3.10 (commit)
  • fix PrintDialog crash with GTK 3.10 (commits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • fix Combo inheriting font from parent (commit)
  • fix Widget.setFont using wrong widget handle (commit)
  • fix Button background problems in jface forms (commit)
  • fix List height calculation  (commit)
  • further progress on Webkit2 support
    • solved deadlock issue by decoupling the synchronicity by executing the JavaScript asynchronously
    • added support for creating unique dbus addresses for each instance of the extension
    • created a function to find resources (mimicking the library loading search in SWT) to load the webkit extension
    • fixed a crash in the WebKit2 port when visiting (frames without document object)
    • back ported API for passing information to WebKit extensions during initialization
    • found a workaround for the missing GDBusNodeInfo struct definition in older glib versions


  • support remote Autotools projects (commit)
  • fix Autotools projects to support user defined make (commit
  • GDBStandaloneDebugger have seen final touches to make it a proper product. Details.

Linux Tools

  • API/Javadoc cleanup in preparaton for 3.0 release (many commits)
  • Libhover ported to not use swing.html for parsing (commit)
  • Libhover supports gtk-doc 1.20 generated docs (commit)
  • GCov opens full featured editor from CDT instead of its own(commits 1,2)
  • SystemTap plugin have seen polishing changes to get smoother experience (commits)
Brought to you by: Jeff Johnston, Roland Grunberg, Sami Wagiaalla, Andrew Ferrazzutti and Alexander Kurtakov.

You can find us on #eclipse-linux and #fedora-java channels on Freenode IRC.