Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ShellEd 2.0.1 is out

I forgot to announce the Linux Tools 0.9 release. Please check the New and Noteworthy for details. There a number of fixes and enhancements in the RPM related tools. As part of it we changed Manpage viewer plugin's bundle id and forced me to release new ShellEd.
Latest ShellEd is restoring compatibility with Manpage viewer and fixes an outline issue with DLTK 3.x. Also you can try the new update site.
Note that this release will not work with Linux Tools releases prior to 0.9.

1 comment:

madthanU said...

Hi Alexander,

I really love ShellEd. Could you update the links in the installation page and in the sourceforge "latest version" to point to 2.0.1? New ShellEd users will find it much easier this way.

Again, thanks for the wonderful plugin!