Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SWT on GTK 3 status 2012-10-23

That was amazing week - 29 compile errors were fixed! On the other side my metric is broken - I have been counting only errors in os.c while there are a bunch of others hiding in os_structs.c too. Anyway, at least for what we were counting there are 31 more errors left and they are a prerequisite for even trying to build os_structs so we continue working on them.
So what was fixed last week:
* 2 gdk_colormap_* functions are dynamic now as they are removed in Gtk 3
* 3 drawable/pixmap functions are no longer used in Gtk 3 codepaths
* 14 errors - GdkRegion/cairo_region swap landed in
* 9 gtk_style_get_*_gc  are ignored - used only in the unfinished Theme api
* gtk_widget_size_request - time will tell whether this was the correct call.

Additionally a number of other fixes for the structs landed too but I do not keep track of numbers there as I compile them in my blind_convert branch so the numbers are flawed by the dummy fixes done for unfinished things in os.c.
And now the good news - one can successfully compile my branch in question and try to run an empty shell example - nothing will show but it would not crash either, which was the state for long time preventing me from making this branch public. Don't count to much on this branch  - it's known to be broken and serves only as a test bed before things go into master.

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