Thursday, December 22, 2011

RIP Jakarta - you have done so much

Jakarta project is retired. We won't miss you as you still live in the form of Ant, Apache Commons, Lucene, Maven, Tomcat and numerous others.
This project(and it's contributors) deserves a lot of respect as this was the front office of open source in the Java world. While there were numerous other project spending their time on pure opensourcing of Java in the corporate Java world it was Jakarta that enlightened people.

There are so many Java developers for whom:
  • ant is the first build system they have used
  • tomcat is the first web container they have deployed to
  • struts is the first web framework they have used after pure jsps
  • log4j is the first logging tool they have used

I'm definitely one of these guys!

Hats off to Jakarta contributors - you have changed the Java world!

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Anonymous said...

I would definitely count myself among these too. Tomcat was definitely the first web container I deployed to, log4j my first logging framework.