Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eclipse ShellEd reborn

Today, I've used my commit rights for the shelled plugin for the first time. And I think this was quite a productive day :
* All compatibility plugin requires are removed.
* A lot of deprecated usages are fixed.
* A lot of generification has happened.
* And finally the first bugfix (provided by Mat Booth) - a highlighting for variables with underscore in their name are properly highlighted now.

Future plans include:
1. monitoring the sourceforge tracker for ideas and problems for our current users :)
2. work on rebasing the plugin on dltk to get all these nice things for free :)

And finally we have eclipse-shelled packaged in fedora.

Help, ideas and so on apreciated (If someone is reading this blog ;).


matias.sundman said...

I used the latest updates from CVS but I am just getting and ERROR when trying to open a bash file.
I am using Ganymede on an OpenSuse 11 .

Cheers // Matias

matias.sundman said...

Ok, I got it working, I tried to open a file that was not part of a project...


Alexander Kurtakov said...

Hi Matias,
You can try with the latest version in cvs. Your problem should be fixed now. :)
Alexander Kurtakov